Sleep Better!

  1. Sleep to move and move to sleep.  Start your day off with 3-5 minutes of heart-pumping exercise to help reset your circadian clock.  This will get you on track to a good night’s sleep that evening.
  2. Get out into the sunlight first thing in the morning, if possible, in bare feet.  The sun and direct connection with the earth also help to reset your circadian rhythm.  You can combine your early morning movement, sunlight and grounding by doing some simple exercises such as body weight squats, squat jumps or quick sprints outside.
  3. In the evening, limit your exposure to artificial light.  You can do this by dimming the lights, wearing blue light blocking glasses, and most importantly, getting off all screens at least 2 hours before bedtime.  Try eating dinner by candlelight! It’s beautiful, romantic and will signal your body to begin winding down.
  4. Keep your room chilly (65ºF) and completely dark.  Your skin has light receptors and any tiny bit of light can get in the way of a proper night’s sleep.
  5. This is the time to enjoy a little hanky panky!  Hormones released during sex before help release stress, can help you fall asleep quicker and enhance overall sleep quality.

Favorite Sleep Tools:

  1. Rebounder for lymphatic drainage and detoxing as well as an intense and fun-filled workout.
  2. Blue light blocking glasses by Barner Brand.  These glasses are designed in Spain and beautifully made in Italy.  Unlike other blue light blocking glasses in the market, they aren’t tinted, so you can see accurately through them.
  3. Prime My Body Hemp Oil.  This is by far the most efficacious, fast acting hemp oil in the market.  It quickly dissolves the day’s tensions, allows the body to release stress and flow into a good night’s sleep.