Top Toxins to Watch Out For

Interview with Elissa Diamond-Fields

According to the CDC 52% of children in the US suffer with a chronic health issue. 1 in 6 have learning disabilities, and inflammatory conditions are exploding in both children and adults. Our modern world is full of toxic exposures that can accumulate in our bodies, wreaking havoc on our health. When healing chronic or inflammatory issues it is essential to reduce our toxic load. Reducing our exposure to toxins is a key factor. We are surrounded by toxins in our environment: metals, plastics, chemicals, personal care products, food, air and water.

In my work as a chiropractor, I see many babies and children who are struggling with inflammation issues. It is so inspiring to watch them heal when we balance their nervous system, heal their gut, move toxicity out, and support their body’s healing capacity. In this module you will learn what toxic exposures to look out for in our daily lives, how they affect our bodies, and strategies on how to avoid them and move them out!  

Elissa’s Story:

I’ve been practicing chiropractic since 1999, and early in practice, I found a huge passion for working with pregnant moms and families. There is so much to consider when preparing to bring a child into the world, and it wasn’t until my own fertility concerns and subsequent pregnancy 10 years later, that I really began to understand many of the issues we are facing today. As a health practitioner and new mom, I had many concerns about what I was putting into my body and then into my baby. I also knew that I would look into any and every intervention recommended to me or my new baby with a thorough risk vs, benefit analysis. When I began looking into the recommended vaccines, I was not at all prepared for the scope of how much the schedule has increased since my own childhood, and I was even less prepared for the level of toxic exposure found within the ingredient lists. Since that time 9 years ago, I have been deeply studying the issues around our vaccination program and these toxic exposures, and have been educating others so that they can make informed decisions for themselves and their families.

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