The Truth Is Out! Now What?

Interview with Crystal Bricker

As a healer and mother of five little ones I am always digging to uncover the exposure to toxins that my family might be exposed to… both past and present. I often think about the potential exposure my children may have had during my pregnancies and critical developmental phases. We are a family on the move – living in six different homes in the past 10 years in both urban and rural towns and each with its own unique set of concerns. What’s a mama to do? Even recent studies found traces of harmful toxins such as mercury, DDT, rocket fuel, parabens and more in our precious breastmilk! It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole when trying to figure out what’s going with our children and loved ones when symptoms start to present. This interview explores how we got here as well as an open discussion on strategies for “damage control” – how to balance our values and ideals with the myriad of toxins bombarding us in the modern world in a quest keep our families healthy.

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