You Are What You Absorb

Interview with Moms Nicole McCoy & Jessica Fransen-Tysor

When you know better, you do better. As mothers with growing families totalling 6 children between the two of us, we have been on a quest to keep our families healthy. We have explored everything from traditional medicine, alternative medicine, including different therapies and treatments spending thousands of dollars in the process. The end result:  the BIGGEST change comes from eliminating toxins and changing what we put in/on/and around our bodies.

As a mom of a special needs child, Nicole will address the unique challenges specific to special needs families. She shares what she has learned on her journey – a deeper understanding of the human body, and its innate ability to heal itself when given the opportunity to do so without a massive toxic load bogging it down. The changes we have seen in our son as we continue to clean up our lives, has transformed our family. Jessica brings a simple approach to finding balance in the chaos. It can be overwhelming trying to manage healthy nutrition when families are on the go. Together Jess and Nicole will address the common feelings associated with the overwhelm like guilt and anxiety;  and help to assure you that YOU are not failing.


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