As families these days we all seem to be going in different directions with school activities and work. A simple way to help everyone eat healthy and learn the benefits of food is to create a family meal! There are many benefits of sitting as a family to eat dinner which include children getting more fruits and vegetables, time to talk about the day and connect with each other, being able to participate in meal preparation, parents ability to choose whole fresh food to cook instead of processed food. Here are a few simple recipes that the whole family can prepare. Use seasonal veggies and spices to add extra support to the balance of your digestive system!

These simple recipes are a great way to start teaching children about food and herbs as well as the importance of spending quality time together! ENJOY!!

Simple Sun Tea
Dried Hibiscus flowers
Orange peel or zest
Mint(can use spearmint or peppermint)

Place all ingredients in a 32oz. glass mason jar fill with water. If using all dried herbs, place 1 ½ tsp of each herb into the jar. If using fresh herbs, rinse well and use up to 1 cup total. Cover jar and place in the sun to steep for 2-4 hours. Strain and add honey if desired.

Veggie Kabobs
Bell Peppers(all colors)

Coconut oil (or good quality oil of your choose)
Black pepper
Himalayan salt

Slice veggies into 1-2 inch pieces. If your skewers are wooden soak them for 20 -30 minutes before grilling. Set up bowls of the cut up veggies and have everyone make their own skewers of their favorite veggies. Mix all ingredients for dressing into a bowl and then brush over skewers. Chicken can also be added to skewers. Cook on grill until veggies are tender and if you added chicken until it is cooked completely(165 degrees Fahrenheit)