When a couple is thinking about conceiving a child, there are many steps both men and women can take to not only improve their fertility, but also the health of the baby and pregnancy.

If our endocrine system is compromised from stress, toxic pollutants or poor nutrition, our hormonal balance will be affected, reducing the overall function of our reproductive systems. The sooner we begin preparing our minds and bodies the better.

  1. The 1st recommendation for both men and women is to cleanse to remove toxins and heavy metals. Pesticides and other hormone disrupting chemicals can affect our hormone balance, and affect both male and female fertility. (Cleansing the body should not be done while breastfeeding or pregnant to avoid exposing the baby to released toxins.)
  2. Eat lot’s of organic produce: Fruits and vegetables have important nutrients and antioxidants to protect egg and sperm. Avoid conventional produce to limit hormone disrupting herbicides and pesticides.
  3. Choose whole fat, grass fed organic raw milk if using dairy. Conventional dairy is full of hormones and antibiotics which can disrupt hormonal balance. This is a great source of fat, which is needed for hormone production. Some issues may not do well with dairy, such as PCOS and endometriosis and should be avoided.
  4. Choose organic grass fed meats and free range organic chicken. Conventional meats and chicken are loaded with hormones and antibiotics as well. Red meat can be a wonderful source of iron, B12, essential fatty acids. Protein and zinc.
  5. Clean filtered water: Drink lots of water (half your body weight in oz.), Avoid plastic bottles, which can release hormone disrupting chemicals.
  6. Grains: Non-processed whole grains contain high fiber and other vitamins which are helpful and supportive for many, but some people are sensitive to gluten, which can negatively affect fertility. Quinoa, amaranth, millet and rice are some nutritious gluten-free options.
  7. Throw out your lotions. Use only chemical and petroleum free products on your skin. Many commercial lotions and oils are loaded with chemicals. Check the EWG link below for the good, the bad and the ugly on skin products.
  8. Foods to avoid or limit: Processed foods, GMOs, alcohol, refined sugars and soy products (as the phytoestogens can throw hormonal balance off). Caffeine has also been shown to be problematic, and should be limited as well. For women raspberry leaf tea is a great alternative to coffee, and tones the uterus.
  9. Get your fat! Our bodies need fat and cholesterol to produce hormones. Eggs, nuts and seeds are great sources, as well as whole fat organic dairy, and organic grass fed meats.
  10. Regular exercise not only helps move toxins out, but helps balance hormones and regulates stress. The deep twists and bends with Yoga are great for toning the organs and promoting release of toxins. Men should make sure to avoid over-heating during exercise, and should wear non-restrictive underwear.
  11. Get adjusted! Chiropractic helps to balance the nervous system, which impacts every bodily function. For women, it can help prepare the body to house and grow your baby with greater ease.
  12. Get Zen – Stress hormones can sabotage fertility. Employ stress reducing strategies to limit stress hormones. Some great options include: Meditation, yoga, acupuncture, reiki, massage, walking and spending time with supportive positive people.