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In addition to the buttons you may have seen on the other pages there are TWO ways you can refer this course, and one gets you free prizes 😉

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We’re also offering a free-to-enterquarterly coaching contest, with a new winner shosen each quarter. Simply Click Here to enter.

You can enter to win over $1500 of value, including:

Directly Send the Link

To get anyone started on the course, send them the link or click one of the links below.

When you share this link, they will have the exact same experience you did, be able to click through the videos, answer the same questions, and have all of the same offers and opportunities. Our systems will see tham as someone who simply joined from somewhere on the interne.

They will see:

  • The introduction video – why, what, how
  • The introduction survey
  • All course materal – just you like you did