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All right, welcome back. And I hope, I hope, hope, hope you have enjoyed this course and learned a lot about the different ways that people’s brains work and the different ways to bridge communication.

It’s important for us to recognize and embrace the difference of how we all are by doing so we can create a more inclusive world that benefits everyone and has less conflict in it by just understanding these fundamental differences.

So throughout this course, what have we talked about? We have discussed the various aspects of neurodiversity, including how it can impact communication, decision making, where it comes from how it develops, what it looks like and how to deal with it.

We’ve also looked at some common misconceptions about how to better support neurodivergent people and what to do. Instead, remember, support starts with understanding by better understanding the experiences of neurodivergent people and those around you and create a more accommodating and inclusive world.

This includes not just your family and not just the people you know, but also your professional settings as well. Recognizing that somebody’s entire apparatus may be different, can be instrumental to solving a multimillion dollar problem.

So I encourage you to continue your journey of learning about neurodiversity. Beyond here, we have several tools and resources. At the end of this course, you, we have ways to contact you directly. If you’re interested and talk to you about some of what you’re facing.

We have ways for you to refer this course to others. If you find value in it, we have ways for you to be getting free lessons from us. We have ways for you to be getting in depth lessons from us or you can continue whatever it is that you’re doing and dig even deeper, whatever you do.

I hope this course helped and I don’t wanna create a product like this that isn’t effective. So I really want to encourage you to provide feedback on this course with the survey. And maybe by replying to the Five Days of Freedom Series that you get the survey is just on the next page. You can click on through, fill it out and I thank you again so much.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about neurodiversity by doing so you’re helping to create a more compassionate and understanding world. Thanks again. Hope you enjoy yourself and take care.

This video is the final wrap-up of a course about neurodiversity and its impact on communication and decision making. It’s important to emphasize the importance of recognizing and embracing differences among people to create a more inclusive and less conflicted world. The course covered various aspects of neurodiversity, including how it develops, what it looks like, and how to deal with it. We also addressed some common misconceptions about supporting neurodivergent individuals.

I invite you to provide feedback on the course through the survey coming up and want to thank you for your time and effort in learning about neurodiversity.

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