The Structure of a Spreadsheet

This is video one in our Spreadsheet 101 Course presented by Simple Business Solutions.

If you’ve ever pressed backspace intending to delete a letter and deleted a whole bunch more? Are you perpetually afraid of “doing the wrong thing” and causing something catastrophic?
Or maybe you just have trouble moving from cell to cell, editing the text in a cell, don’t even know what a cell is.

These basics transform dread of even opening a spreadsheet into a sense of confidence in less than 20 minutes so you can level up your spreadsheet game and get rid of that pesky “I hate spreadsheets” voice.

We’ll be covering the basics of using a spreadsheet:

  • [3:45] navigation (worksheets, workbooks, cells)
  • [5:22] editing mode vs navigation mode (aka why you can’t ever seem to get backspace to work right)

Formatting, the horrible enter bug, formatting, and managing numbers coming up next!