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If there’s one thing that’s loved just as much as it’s hated in business it’s Spreadsheets.

As an IT professional, I can say that the scorn for spreadsheets is real. At the same time, the power of spreadsheets is only matched by having a custom-developed application (or a spreadsheets-on-steroids style third-party program)

If you’re like most, you hate spreadsheets too – all the inconsistencies, confusing formatting, and difficult getting things to look the way you want make them a practical solution for prettymuch no-one, unless you’re a math, compuer, data, or finance nerd. 

And yet, using spreadsheets is unavoidable.

After taking this couse, the dread of even opening a spreadsheet will blossom into ease and flow in your day. today. 

In less than 30 minutes, level up your spreadsheet game, harness the power of technology in your life,  and turn down that booming “Get Away! I HATE Spreadsheets” voice.