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7 Keys of Quantum Nutrition

Your Personal Guide to Self-Healing

How to Hear What's Not Being Said

5 Steps to Conscious, Clear, Communication

Intro to Lunar Cycles

Decoding the Mysteries of The Solar System

How to Be Branded on IG

5 Steps to Brand Your Business on Instagram

Your Organized Life

Reduce Stress, Find Time, & Enjoy Life



Inspire higher levels of consciousness, invite expansion and elevate humanity.


Promote cutting edge resources and information for optimum health, vitality and longevity.


Gain the tools and skills needed to grow your passion doing work you love.

Ascension Academy Courses


The Autism & ADHD Operating System

The Autism & ADHD Operating System is a 4-part course that explores unique neurological differences in individuals with autism, with a focus on the amygdala and language and visual centers, and providing strategies and techniques for better understanding and support.


The Value Hierarchy – How to Always Be In Alignment

Your Value Hierarchy is a model that represents your drives, what you're fearful of, and why. It uses your values and feelings to quickly balance emotional benefits, risks, and biases to create a perfectly grounded solution in a highly emotional situation.


Astrology 101

Learn to read your own natal chart, open up an entire world of energetic assistance, and learn how your soul has chosen to manifest in this lifetime.

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Ascension Academy Experts

Michael Lennox

Michael Lennox

Astrologer & Ambassador to Conscious Embodiment
Imani Mamalution

Imani Mamalution

Visionary Alchemist & Business Consultant
Sunny Suit

Sunny Suit

Money Medicine Journey
Nicole James

Nicole James

The Quantum Nutritionist

Emily Stoughton

Emily Stoughton

Christopher Fern

Christopher Fern

Systems Architect
Simple Business Solutions

Ama'zjhi Kumara

Ama'zjhi Kumara

Spiritual Alchemist
Violet Alchemy® Healing

Andrea Dechtman

Andrea Dechtman

Organized by Andrea

“Wealth flows from energy and ideas.”

William Feather




Calling All Visionaries, Revolutionary Entrepreneurs, Seekers, Students, High Vibe Enthusiasts, Millennials & all those aspiring for Ascended Abundance! Welcome to Ascension Academy! Here you will find our favorite products and courses on topics pertaining to Spirituality, Business & Wellness. We invite you to join us on the journey – a place where you can share your gifts, talents, insights as well as learn from others along the way! Together we shall ASCEND! Welcome to the High Vibe Tribe!


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