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The ND Operating System

The ND Operating System is a 4-part course that explores unique neurological differences in individuals with autism, with a focus on the amygdala and language and visual centers, and providing strategies and techniques for better understanding and support.


I Hate Spreadsheets!

Spreadsheets are all around us, and so is the hatred for them. They're a necessarily evil, and while you may not love them, you certainly have to learn them! If navigating, clicking, changing data, or even simple formatting just doesn't make sense, come on by.


The Value Hierarchy – How to Always Be In Alignment

Your Value Hierarchy is a model that represents your drives, what you're fearful of, and why. It uses your values and feelings to quickly balance emotional benefits, risks, and biases to create a perfectly grounded solution in a highly emotional situation.


Mindful Money

Mindful Money ensures you make the best decisions regardless of your state by using your Bias Blindspot, Value Hierarchy, and Mindfulness Practices to build trust without trying.


Advanced Astrology 102: Aspects and Transits


Astrology 101

Learn to read your own natal chart, open up an entire world of energetic assistance, and learn how your soul has chosen to manifest in this lifetime.