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I Hate Spreadsheets!

If there’s one thing that’s loved just as much as it’s hated in business it’s Spreadsheets. As an IT professional, I can say that the scorn for spreadsheets is real. At the same time, the power of spreadsheets is only matched by having a...

Advanced Astrology 102: Aspects and Transits

Working with Famous Charts When I was learning astrology, there were a number of ways that I practiced in order to deepen my facility with this complex art. One of the most effective ways to learn about both aspects in a chart, and how that chart is impacted by...

Astrology 101

In this world gone mad, it has never been more important for every individual to rise up to their full potential, living their soul’s purpose, and creating the life of their dreams.  As a tool, astrology is one of the most potent ways to gain insights into your individual sense of self, as well as your connection to the universe that invented you. Your natal chart – the map of where the planets were when you were born – contains the blueprint of all of this; from your personal experience of identity, the hidden expression of your dharma, and the mysterious way you interact with your environment that is unique to you.

FREE – The Ultimate Detox

The damaging impact of the chemical revolution that started in 1901 when The Monsanto Company was founded by a chemist to manufacturer the first artificial sweetener (saccharin) is finally becoming increasingly evident. The toll on our children in particular is alarming. Join us for an in depth look at the “toxic brew” we now live in – begin to understand how we got here and what you can do about it. Eight parents on the healing path, many of them holistic practitioners and wellness coaches, share with you their top health concerns and their solutions for keeping their families safe, strong and resistant to toxins.