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SpringAqua Premium Shower Filter




This technology is a mini version of our Spring Aqua under the sink drinking water technology. Here are 5 reasons why we should use a shower filter.

  1. We May Absorb More Chlorine Through Showering than Through Drinking Water
  2. Shower Water Releases Chemicals into the Air in the Home
  3. Chemicals in Shower Water may Cause Harm to the Skin Microbiome & Irritate Skin
  4. Chemicals Present in Shower Water are Linked to Cancer & other Health Problems
  5. Chloramines May be Even more Harmful than Chlorine ​[1]

Here are the functions of Spring Aqua Shower Filter

  1. Removal of chemicals
  2. Removal of heavy metals
  3. Infrared filter helping with cleaning and absorption and allow water to get into the pores
  4. Nano Silver bacteria to kill bacteria
  5. Putting minerals back into the water