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Ama’jzhi’s Sound Codes – Mar 2020




On March 2,2020, on the 17th day of an Ayurvedic Detox, we received a commission from the Enlightened Masters to bring forth and transmit 12 Sacred Sound Codes for Immunity. Protect yourself for the Bombardment of Collective FEAR that is rising by strengthening your energy field and take action by receiving these 12 Sound Codes to boost your immunity. Sound Codes are Vibrational Divine Frequencies in Languages of light delivered, or transmitted for the advancement of well- being and the evolution of Consciousness. Vibrational “Medicine” is at the forefront of building and expanding the energy field for heightened vibrancy and radiant health. Your Vibe Matters!


  • NEW VISION CODES for the Etheric Body- code of possibility, code of dreaming, code of declaration
  • DISENGAGEMENT CODES for the Genetic Body- code of acknowledgement, code of disconnection, code of redirection
  • RECEPTIVITY CODES  for the Subtle Body- code of innocence, code of acceptance, code of conception
  • ​TRANSFIGURATION CODES  for the Physical Body- code of alchemy, code of amalgamation, code of transcendence