7 Keys of Quantum Health: Reclaim Your Innate Healing Power

About This Webinar

All of our cells, tissues, and organs have an ability to heal itself, given the right conditions. So what are those conditions? Some of them are environmental; clean water, clean food, air, and rest. Some are chemical, such as supplements, herbs and natural medicines that many our ancestors have used. But it is our inner environment, which Western medicine has failed to take into account, which plays a critical role in our quality of health or dis-ease.

Science has now shown that we are much more that biochemical machines and the idea that physical reality is somehow its own independent thing is an outdated one. For over a century now quantum physics has proven that physical reality is shaped by metaphysical factors. That is, our reality as we know it is shaped by consciousness and the mind creates an invisible field of energy that
shapes our body and shapes the world we live in.

In tapping into the mind, thoughts, and emotions with an understanding that the root cause of illness begins here, we step out of victimhood and the search for other people and things to “fix us”. We can then choose to take ownership over our health, tap into our natural intelligence inside of all of us, and activate the innate power for our body to self-regulate and heal.

I created this guide to take you on a journey of what I have discovered is the Seven Keys of Quantum Nutrition. Quantum Nutrition is an integration of all the factors necessary to become your own self-healer. Take time to focus on each individual key, as the more awareness you bring to each key and focused intention you bring to areas that you need to work on, the greater the internal and external shifts will happen in your reality.

About Nicole

Nicole James is a certified functional medicine practitioner, certified nutritional consultant, speaker, mentor, and business coach. She has been in private practice for over 10 years, working with clients across the nation and around the world. Her focus is to discover underlying root causes of imbalance and disease by optimizing health through functional and nutritional testing, advanced detoxification protocols, energy field analysis, ancient healing modalities, and rewiring the mind-body connection. As The Quantum Nutritionist Nicole teaches the power of the mind and energy field, what influences it, and the dramatic effects it can have on the body, creating wellness or dis-ease.  

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