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Join us for this series of interviews with concerned parents just like you!

The danger of the chemicals in our food, water, air beauty and bodycare products and household cleaners are widely known. Many of us have started to detoxify our houses and cleaning up our diets….but we soon discover this is just the beginning. Then the overwhelm sets in.  We learn about toxins we didn’t know about or even worse – can’t control: the glyphosate in our neighbors weed killers, the pharmaceuticals in our water supply, the mold from water damage that happened before we bought the house, the heavy metals in the water pipes, EMFs from our wireless internet…the list goes on and on.  

Like you, we have felt angry, helpless and exhausted on the search for solutions. This “toxic chemical load” builds up in our bodies over time and can wreak havoc in our lives and that of our children and can linger for the remainder of our lives. Our children come into the world “allergic” to the environment. Studies now confirm that toxins permeate through the placenta wall while in the womb and mothers breast milk contains harmful toxins.

What to do? As concerned parents we want to share our solutions AND the latest science to rid our bodies (and our children’s!) from the toxins. The bottom line is that we need to become educated so  we make informed choices for our families to be empowered and healthy.