What It Is and How It Works

Let’s bust every. single. myth about prioritization, choice, and why you don’t get what you want. 

No, this isn’t some matrix to tell you what to delegate or not. 

This isn’t a way to think about what you want in 10 minutes a week, have a 4 minute “budget”, a 10 minute management of it, or anything else like that.

The Value Hierarchy will help you make emotional decisions responsibly while not limiting access to what you want, no matter what you have. 

Sound impossible? I know, I thought so too when I ran across it.

In this never before seen training, we’ll dig deeply into the myths behind “priorities”, “importance”, and “discipline” and give you a way to instantly know what’s most “important” as well as a way to communicate that to others.

What is The Value Hierarchy?

The Value Hierarchy is one tool we use to help us focus on abundance and clarity rather than choice and lack. It uses emotions to choose, rather than logic, while automatically applying logic to the harder questions.

By using it , you can.

  • Stop the thoughts that money is limited
  • Never deal with “what’s the most important thing” decision
  • Get instant clarity on “priorities” aka sequencing
  • Be excited and impulsive while still being reasonable and responsible.