What is a System and How Does it Help Us Reach a Goal?

A System is a three-fold combination of Information, Processes, and Tools that coordinate meaningful information in an efficient (i.e. low bandwidth tax) way.

If we’re going to give you a framework that handles money, which is a cost/value decision, you’ve gotta have the blueprints to know what to do with it.

Those blueprints are a system.
Mindful Money is a system, and this far we’ve only give you a couple of parts of it.
This lesson will give you terminology and context to approach reducing bandwidth tax throughout your life.
It will leverage everything you’ve learned and everything you will learn here and in future lessons.

What is Information?

To understand information, we need to start with data.

Data is a single neutral piece of knowledge with no value whatsoever. Until data is associated with meaning (values, story, or purpose) it is simply knowledge. Until it is applied, it has no value.

What is a Process?

A process takes data, applies context to turn it into information, then does something with it in service of a goal.

Processes are triggered by a time (12:00pm), interval (every 10 seconds), or event (when the other foot drops).

Processes are designed to manipulate, manage, update, or transfer data.

Processes often require tools to handle the data.

What’s a Tool?

Tools manipulate data and make it easier to do the manipulation.

Computers are data tools. Databases are data storage tools. Pencils are writing tools.


Shopping list

Data Structure: ingredients, stores, in stock state
Tools: paper and pen, digital app, custom app
Processes: when you run out of a food set it to out of stock; when you shopping, after a successful purchase, set purchased products to in stock; before you shop validate the in-stock/out-of-stock things.

Project Management

Data Structure: Includes: projects, tasks, due dates, statuses, assignees,etc
Tools: asana, Monday.com, trello, airtable, etc
Processes: new project, daily update, project over, information required, client update