Part 2: Let’s Talk About Language

Part 2 of this course delves into the reductions of linguistic centers in individuals with autism and how it affects the ability to interpret the communicative intentions of others. In addition to the reduced amygdala functions, research has found that there are significant reductions of the linguistic centers in autistic individuals, which is a telltale sign of autism in young children. This impairment of interpreting the communicative intention of others can make it difficult for individuals with autism to understand the meaning behind words and actions, which can lead to difficulties in communication and social interaction. The course will provide strategies for improving communication and understanding in individuals with autism. It will cover different techniques and approaches that can help individuals with autism better interpret the communicative intentions of others, such as visual aids, social stories, and social skills training. Additionally, the course will discuss how therapy and speech therapy can be beneficial in improving language and communication skills. The course will also provide suggestions for further reading and resources that can help individuals and their caregivers better understand and address the linguistic challenges of autism.