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How Memories are Formed & How To Master Them

The peak-end effect is what forms memories.

It’s unavoidable, a survival mechanism, and factually inaccurate.

If we choose to consciously employ this bias, it can be incredibly effective to experience gratitude, happiness, and personal power, even if there are more pain.

But if we’re operating from default, with negativity bias active, with the memory formed using negativity bias, we can get in trouble – our memories feel worse, we expect worse experiences, and we’re in less control of what we want.

The best part about this is that the Peak-End Rule gives us the master equation to be able to rewrite how we feel, remember, experience, and quite quickly – trust.

Think back to doing your yearly budget – how did you feel? what is the memory you have of that exercise?

We’ll be showing you how to manage and re-program that experience by the end of this week. The video above goes a bit deeper into the peak-end effect.

This effect rewrites common beliefs around Hedonism, sports events, research, addiction, and more. If we correctly leverage this unique “equation of consciousness,” we can change any behavior.

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