Signal vs Noise

We can’t escape noise, but we have to cut through it to find signal.

“I find I can build signal if I break things down to their simplest forms.”

Signal = things that are part of that form, and Noise = things that are not.

Think about a goal that you have,

What are the forms of that goal?
What are the simplest ways to describe that form?

For example: Photograph = Camera, Lens, & Light.

What makes up your decisions? Why?

This video gets a bit in the math, but listen to the conclusions, especially when math is on the screen. It’s about 10% technical. Ignore the complex mathy words, but pay close attention to the psychology, relationships between what we observe vs the SNR. If you’re techy, you’ll love this video.

Don’t worry, this isn’t me; it’s a third-party video and explains these topics incredibly well.

If you’re into the ins-and-outs, and the math behind it all, take a look at this video. This third-party psychologist/engineer breaks this down REALLY well. This video below is optional.